A bit of olde England for your holiday table

The holidays are a time of year when well-loved traditions are enjoyed.  Since our family does not live nearby we get together with our group of friends and enjoy delicious food, beautiful music and a relaxed time that comes with knowing each other for many years.  I am here to assure you that plenty of merriment ensues.

Music will mainly consist of old jigs with the odd classical piece that will be performed by our quintet.  I definitely need a boost before performing and that arrives in the form of  home made English sausage rolls that are made by Tina.  They are simply calorie heaven and a good stomach stabilizer that provides that boost.

The rest of this year’s Christmas menu will consist of specific items that I have requested be made by specific people:

  • Home made mince pieces of the meatless variety
  • Home made Empanadas stuffed with a blend of ground beef, onions, chopped green olives, raisins and hardboiled eggs all seasoned with cumin and served with a hot tomato relish
  • Ham with pineapple slices
  • Bresaola with arugula courtesy of Lisa
  • Spanakopita from Panos my favorite Greek friend
  • Meat balls to die for made by Mary another wonderful Greek
  • Kale salad home made by Cynthia
  • Cheese plate from Nikki
  • Croquembouche from Dawn that is simply amazing.  Learn more about this beautiful dessert by clicking on this link.
  • Chocolate sundries from M’leigh
  • Almond crackle homemade by Susan

and the piece de resistance, Raspberry trifle from Jacqui.  For the record, at our Christmas party I ask specific people to bring specific dishes as I am not a fan of waste and for me to insist upon Jacqui’s trifle speaks volumes as to how wonderful and naughty it is.

A clear glass trifle dish allows all the beautiful layers to be seen and enjoyed courtesy of allrecipes.com

A clear glass trifle dish allows all the beautiful layers to be seen and enjoyed
courtesy of allrecipes.com

Jacqui uses Harvey’s Bristol Cream sherry and she offers this helpful tip–do not buy the sherry too far in advance as there may  not be enough left when it comes time to make the trifle!  The recipe is simple, anyone can do it, and you can rest assured that there are never any leftovers.

Here is Jacqui’s  raspberry trifle recipe:


Lady fingers

Raspberry jam

Fresh or frozen raspberries

Good sherry!

Raspberry jello

Jello pudding (I get 1 x lemon and 1 x vanilla then layer them)

Whole milk

Whipping cream


Spread the lady fingers with jam and place in the bottom of a trifle dish.

Make up the jello with 1 cup of  boiling water and then add 1 cup of sherry – set in the fridge.

Make up the jello pudding and layer on top – set in the fridge.

Whip up the cream and place on top.

Throw on some fresh raspberries or whatever decorations take your fancy.

Et voila!  A true English trifle that will delight your guests.

Bon appetit!






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