Southern California rains bring desert wildflowers to life

It is no secret that, along with other west coast states, California has been suffering from a serious drought for quite some time and the unusually warm winter certainly did not help matters.  But we woke up this morning to the sound of rain on the roof and wet sidewalks– with the promise of more to come this weekend!

While this rain was so necessary for all the obvious reasons, it will also result in some pretty amazing changes in the local mountains and deserts and provide much inspiration for artists such as ourselves.  Residents and visitors alike look forward to the transformation of the desert from dull brown hills and plains to a rainbow of wildflowers in full bloom.  You can follow this transformation and plan a day trip via the information provided by

Our state flower, the California poppy, covers the hills in spectacular shades of orange, yellow and red.

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

It is hard to imagine how this flower can survive in the unforgiving desert terrain! via

It is hard to imagine how this flower can survive in the unforgiving desert terrain! via

Yellow blooms merge with purple that merge with blue and red to create a carpet of color in the early spring months.  It will not be long before these desert areas are brown and arid once again but, for a brief moment, this harsh landscape becomes a candy coated dream.

photo via

photo via


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Martin and Anne Pierce live in Los Angeles California with their beloved rescue dog, Iris. Martin's custom designs reflect his love of nature and include beautiful vine and fern drawer pulls, a realistic yet whimsical collection of bugs and other critters on door hardware and charming floral designs on everything from door levers to bathroom accessories. He also enjoys creating sculptural contemporary pieces that are easy to access for those with limited physical capabilities. All of Martin's designs are hand carved and cast in their Los Angeles studio where there is truly something for everyone. Please contact us with any questions or custom queries
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