The amazing world of contemporary architecture is available in a vacation home

Colonia Guell Espinal house Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles CA 90016

Colonia Guell Espinal house
Martin Pierce Hardware
Los Angeles CA 90016

Casa Battlo staircase photo by Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles CA 90016

Casa Battlo staircase photo by Martin Pierce Hardware
Los Angeles CA 90016

Earlier this year trend experts predicted that “Artistic details, a blend of textures, bold colors, and ethnic decoration patterns will figure in loudly when it comes to hotel interior design…” and it appears they were correct in their predictions.

We have shared with you several times on this blog our opinion on and photos of the awe-inspring architecture of Antoni Gaudi and other Catalonia modernists, whose properties certainly met the above criteria almost a century ago.  One is constantly delighted by the discovery of yet another aspect of their work as they study the materials, natural light, mosaics and “critters” that are seen in these buildings.  But these artists/architects, contemporary for their time, do not stand alone when it comes to great design and a unique vision.

For example, this contemporary home located in a small village in England is just as unique and functional as those designed by Gaudi and seems to meet all the criteria determined earlier in the year as upcoming hotel trends.  And while this property is not a hotel but rather, a vacation rental, (we are unable to share the photograph with you) you can see and read all about it here.  With quite a story behind it, the architect/artist duo of Charles Holland and Grayson Perry come together to create this very unusual abode, all with the goal of introducing contemporary architecture in a manner that would be available for “ordinary” folks to live in and experience. Set on an acre of land and fronting a river, it provides a stark contrast to the serene landscape surrounding it.  Regardless of how you feel about living or working amongst the bright colors, contemporary furnishings and unusual artwork and sculptures, you must admit that this very unique property is functional.  There is plenty of natural light and a workable floor plan and a bathtub big enough for the entire family.  However, I must admit that the large and colorful mural on the bedroom wall might make it difficult to get a good night’s rest! And even though the herringbone patterned flooring could induce a bit of vertigo, the built-in furniture and cheerful kitchen are utilitarian and could remind one of the design characteristics behind the Arts & Crafts movement of the early twentieth century.  Frank Lloyd Wright often incorporated built-ins that enhanced the flow and space of his designs and took advantage of any natural surroundings.

Is this unusual abode a place you might consider for a vacation rental?

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Martin and Anne Pierce live in Los Angeles California with their beloved rescue dog, Iris. Martin's custom designs reflect his love of nature and include beautiful vine and fern drawer pulls, a realistic yet whimsical collection of bugs and other critters on door hardware and charming floral designs on everything from door levers to bathroom accessories. He also enjoys creating sculptural contemporary pieces that are easy to access for those with limited physical capabilities. All of Martin's designs are hand carved and cast in their Los Angeles studio where there is truly something for everyone. Please contact us with any questions or custom queries
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